Freedom Hill Farm - Quality Tree Growers

Providing Superior Trees Throughout the Southeast


Our Trees are Field Grown Rather Than Container Grown.


We Consistently Tend to Our Trees for the Highest Quality Results.


Our Trees Get the Specific Attention Needed for Their Plant Breed.

Freedom Hill Farm's Oak Trees

Naturally growing in the South from Virginia to Florida and North Carolina to Texas, the beautiful and grand Live Oak Tree is a wonderful addition to any landscape. Ideal for both residential and commercial landscaping, these trees' crowns are symmetrical, rounded, and dense. Regular irrigation and pruning while a Live Oak Tree establishes its roots is critical for the giant oak to develop a strong branch structure. When cared for correctly, the Live Oak can live for hundreds of years.

When you purchase a Live Oak from Freedom Hill Farm, it means you're getting a tree that was planted and cared for using the highest standards.  Our oaks are hand-selected, high quality, field-grown to ensure each customer receives a magnificent beauty they can enjoy for years.

The Story Behind Freedom Hill Farm

Established in 2016, Freedom Hill Farm is family and veteran-owned and operated. After proudly serving in The United States Army, Paul returned to Florida to start his civilian life. From there, FHF was born.

Currently sitting on 80 acres of land, our tree nursery isn't like others. We believe that growing quality trees is about more than just planting trees. Taking an average of four years to grow, our trees are on a rigorous tending schedule. Our proprietary growing process includes a strict watering cycle, fertilization, a specific herborization process, and root pruning. Field-grown, Freedom Hill Farm trees follow very specific tending based on the plant breed. We believe that you get out what you put in, and that's why our trees are different from the rest.

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